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Every business is looking for the possibility of constant communication with its customers even if it is not verbal or face-to-face.


Many studies show that Digital Signage with its ability to display images, sound and colors can attract people as a magnet. The Digital Signage has the ability to draw people’s eyes, but the key is to keep them busy, providing information that is useful.


Meet PROothisi Hotel & Resort the special digital signage platform for Hotels and make use of the most economical way to offer digital advertising opportunities in your business.


PROothisi Hotel & Resort is the best way to upgrade customer experience on the hotel premises by providing them with information and answering questions in the easiest and most direct way. Digital screens are placed in the central locations of the hotel and display all the information your visitors need.

We create your own Hotel TV

How about your visitors finding information such as the restaurant’s hours and menu without asking your hotel staff?


What would you say about showing a last minute offer or remind your guests about an event that would increase your hotel revenue?


PROothisi Hotel & Resort offers targeted messages and information about hotel services and facilities such as:

Personalized welcome messages for visitor groups

Presentation of all the premises and hotel facilities

Opening hours of restaurants and other areas of the Hotel

Events hosted at the hotel

Useful information such as weather, news, itineraries, distances, etc.

Important sights near the Hotel, your guests can visit

Nearby getaways and other activities that may interest hotel guests

PROothisi Hotel & Resort | Operation

With PROothisi Hotel & Resort you can:

enhance the power of digital advertising within your business by combining on-line and indoor display in real time, customized with the innovative BfF*

have central control over all TV screens and the ability to remotely change their display content in your hotel

do high-targeted online campaigns to attract new customers, by displaying different content in different group of TV screens

manage all the advertisement in your hotel, easily with the touch of one button

make an overall presentation of the benefits and activities of the Hotel or the Resort by displaying it directly on all your hotel's TV screens

create your own TV channel in the Hotel rooms by displaying what you choose, upgrading your services

save money

* For more information about BfF click here.

The Hotel achieves

The complete promotion of its services in each Hotel section, with targeted messages

The motivation of the customer to buy products or services, through direct communication and visual contact with the displayed services

The creation of a positive experience for the customer through friendly-enjoyable content (images, text, promotional messages, videos)

PROothisi Hotel & Resort | Create additional revenue through the digital signage

With PROothisi Hotel & Resort you can create a new source of revenue for your hotel. By providing advertising time to relevant businesses in the tourism industry, you enrich the services provided to your customers and you earn extra income.


Travel agencies, transport companies (Bus service, TAXI, VIP cars), tourist shops and restaurants, museums, etc. can be displayed in the hotel TV screens, providing you with extra revenue.


Install today PROothisi Hotel & Resort and update your communication with your customers!

PROothisi Hotel & Resort | Content Samples

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